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Business incorporated since 2004, gearing technologies into renewable energy and green bio fuel product development. Amiran Technology is a technology-driven company dedicated to the development and manufacture of Syn-Fuel Hybrid Gas Generator. At Amiran® we have been involved with Hydrogen-Oxygen Supply-On-Demand Technology development for the past 7 years, in an effort to do our share helping reducing fuel consumption and preserving the environment. It has taken great deal of product development activities to produce one of the most efficient, practical and reliable Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems available on the market today. Unlike many other companies, we offer complete kits which include everything needed for a successful installation in cars, trucks, boats, electric generators and others. Amiran® is confident that the new development of Syn-Energy Hybrid Gas Generator are successful and manageable to be fabricated, installed and produced by the Company with the collaboration agreement and full support from Technology Park Malaysia.



We are located at Lot. 2-6, IIC Resource Centre, Technology Park Malaysia, Lebuhraya Puchong-Sg.Besi, 57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.


“ATSB was endorsed by SIRIM Berhad in 2011 and being awarded Green Project Certificate in 2012 by the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KETTHA). Amiran Technology also has been granted with ‘Pioneer status for small medium industry in October 2014 by Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).”
Managing Director of Amiran Technology